What is Electronic Cigarette Juice?

e-cigarette juiceA component that helps make up the whole is just as important as any other. After all, the existence of that whole is not possible without every individual component that comprises it. Its actual importance might vary from one another, but essentially everything is vital.

Surely this concept is applicable to every single thing that is composed of several components or parts. And it is especially true when the particular item concerned cannot function properly without the said component – the value is only magnified even more.

Let us talk about electronic cigarettes, a device that has several components. The main components that make up every electronic cigarette are the following: a rechargeable lithium battery, an e-cigarette cartridge, the vaporization chamber, as well as the e-cigarette juice. Each one is vital to the function of the whole device.


The Electronic Cigarette Device


electronic cigaretteJust what is this device known as the electronic or e-cigarette? Before you could properly explore each component that makes up an e-cigarette – such as the e-cigarette juice – you need to understand it as a whole first.

The e-cigarette device is at the forefront of the drive to convince smokers to quit, saying that is a safer and healthier option for them. At least, that’s what the manufacturers would have everyone believe – something that is still debatable at this point.

Being composed of the parts that were mentioned above, e-cigarettes can also be described as a substitute for the actual item. It works by having the lithium battery power the vaporization chamber and the e-cigarette juice contained within the cartridge would be heated and vaporized.

The result of the process involved in e-cigarettes is aimed to provide the user with an experience that they hope would be as satisfying as when they are using the real thing. And many seem to agree, based on the steady rise of e-cigarette use from the time it got introduced in the country a few years back.


Electronic Cigarette Juice


A very important component of e-cigarettes is e-cigarette juice. Without it, a smoker cannot make use of his e-cigarette at all and he might as well switch back to actual cigarettes. A look at e-cigarette will no doubt necessitate smokers – and non-smokers as well – to look at its contents and what comprises it.

E-cigarette juice is the liquid that is responsible for the vapor that’s produced by e-cigarettes. This juice is composed of propylene glycol (PG), together with vegetable glycerin (VG), and could also include polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400), it is then combined with flavored concentrates. Nicotine is also available in variable amounts.

Those wanting to purchase e-cigarette juice would find that it is available in pre-filled cartridges. E-cigarettes contain different kinds of fruit and tobacco flavors, and others are also available. The amount of nicotine contained differs and for those who seek options that are completely free of nicotine, there’s also that as well.

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